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Exhibit Services

We excel at full service design, production, and installation of your exhibit needs. From historical research, to copywriting, interpretive design, and artifact presentation, we design and deliver the complete package.

We recognize exhibits as the most dynamic points of contact between institutions and their visitor. Our design process is founded in storytelling informed by the unique assets of the museum collection. But we go further. Our exhibits seek to integrate the institution’s curatorial perspectives with proven educational methodology, and wrap them together with artistic flair. The results illuminate your story with institutional authority.

Lighting and Structural

While museums are busy taking care of their patrons, we are keeping up with technology. We can modernize your outdated exhibit lighting utilizing the benefits of LED light sources. We can also advise architects about appropriate strategies for museum capital projects.

Let’s face it; museums are unique in their physical needs and the construction industry just doesn’t have the time to get it. From HVAC, to electrical distribution, to sustainable architecture, we understand, and can advocate for, efficient museum settings to better illuminate your story. We have the know-how for lighting upgrades, new construction, or space renovation.

Historical Research

Multidisciplinary storytelling is the key. Robertson Museum Projects can sift through historical material to find and articulate the connections that illuminate your artifacts and captivate visitors.

Finding the right interpretive perspective is part of our fundamental approach to every project. Having the right story aligned with your unique institutional assets informs just about all areas of your museum’s mission. We do the research that illuminates your story and brings you collection to life.

Project Management

Because we engage in the philosophy of museums, we can provide perspective and guidance as you develop your institutional identity. There are countless books, seminars, and programs to aid in mission building, but sometimes you need one-to-one exchange with someone who has actually visited your space.

We have developed museum exhibits and educational programs since 1999, and one thing is clear: every project is unique. We work with many other service providers to get the most out the available resources. Every museum stewards a special story, collection, or site, and we strive to make your project as unique as your organization.

Let us bring our expertise to your next project.