Illuminate Your Story - Robertson Museum Projects

  • Johnny's expertise and enthusiasm are infectious. His vision has made a difference.
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Ruthann Rugg - Texas Association of Museums

Johnny Robertson has built a career of diverse museum experiences, each of which informs his perspective in a different way. He has an eye for aesthetics and a heart for historical interpretation. His expertise integrates the creative with the practical in rich and unexpected ways, enhancing a museum exhibit's potential for a meaningful visitor experience. In terms of project management, he is well organized and meets both his deadlines and his budget.

Johnny Robertson is the kind of resource person I don't hesitate to call on.

Ruthann Rugg
Executive Director
Texas Association of Museums

Janice E. Babineaux - National Scouting Museum

When the National Scouting Museum was without an Exhibit Technician for a while, Johnny Robertson was recommended to us for temporary assistance. He has been a huge help. Johnny and his team quickly stepped in, did some needed trouble shooting, tackled our technical exhibit issues and got our interactive exhibits back up and running smoothly. He modified the starter on the Pinewood Derby race track which now operates more intuitively and much better than before. We are very grateful and will very confidently recommend Johnny Robertson to anyone else needing quick, efficient and knowledgeable Exhibit Tech help.

Janice E. Babineaux - Director
National Scouting Museum

Jim Hodgson - Fort Worth Aviation Museum

We've really enjoyed working with Johnny. We needed someone who could help us formulate an expansion plan and he is doing that and more for us now. He fits right in with the staff and volunteers and is truly a valuable member of our team. Highly recommend him.

Jim Hodgson
Executive Director
Fort Worth Aviation Museum