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  • Johnny's expertise and enthusiasm are infectious. His vision has made a difference.
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About Robertson Projects

Robertson Museum Projects is a service company dedicated to supporting the unique role of cultural institutions in communities across the land. From exhibit development to educational planning, we approach every project with a commitment to the foundations of museum sustainability. Our multidisciplinary exhibit design process seeks to provide both authoritative presentation and interpretive versatility while also capturing the unique assets and perspectives of each museum’s story. As we like to say, “… unique solutions for unique institutions.”

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Johnny Robertson

Owner / Project Manager

A true museum person, Johnny Robertson brings a multidimensional approach to his passion for museum work. His process is informed by experience, education and a creative spirit.

Johnny received his Master of Fine Arts degree in studio art in 1997 and his Masters Certification in museum education in 1998. The following year, he began consulting with museums and private collectors regarding appropriate handling and display of art and artifacts. Johnny joined the Texas Association of Museums (TAM)in 2000 and quickly became an active member, programming annual meetings and offering technical training sessions on a variety of subjects, including interpretive design, and gallery lighting. He developed a passion for cultural history while designing a series of exhibits at the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza between 2002 and 2005. Since then, Johnny has continued to work with museums as an independent designer, project manger, and adviser. His success in museum service is rooted in his appreciation for the responsibility these institutions hold as stewards of unique stories.

No two stories are alike. That’s why we approach each one with fresh eyes and a renewed determination to seize the opportunities buried in every project. We work with an outstanding array of service providers from across Texas and beyond to help you illuminate your story.

We work with outstanding professionals from across Texas

Valued clients and partners:

Frisco Heritage Museum Northeast Texas Rural Heritage Museum Texas Association of Museums Erin McClelland, Museum & History Services Lincoln Properties Pearce Museum at Navarro College University of North Texas
Crow Collection of Asian Art Morton Museum of Cooke County Modern Museum of Fort Worth Haas Wheat and Partners Annie Riggs Memorial Museum Don Huff Design Baylor Health Sciences Library
Neiman Marcus Zanimation St. Mark Catholic Church, Argyle, TX National Scouting Museum Nerwin and Martin Museum Services Sid Richardson Museum UTA Library Special Collections